Hi again, another post in the random photography series.

I took this picture when I was visiting Cripple Creek Colorado. I took the Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad that day and in the end of the track was this valley.


Cripple Creek Valley by Eliud Bautista on 500px.com


The picture came out somewhat blurry in the edges, probably because I wasn’t used to the lens I took that day (it was a borrow Sigma 17-70mm).

This is one of many pictures I took on my trip, unfortunatly a lot of them came out blurry either because of me or the excessive condensation because of the altitude (e/g the pictures I took on top of Pike Peak).



Random Photography: Cripple Creek Valley, Colorado

Since I was bored from playing games inside the house I decided to grab my camera and head out to the Pennybacker bridge to take some pictures.

This was the day after Christmas and it was hazy and cold, so unfortunately there are no blue skies or pretty clouds in this picture.

penny becker bridge

Out of all the pictures I took, this was the one I was most happy with, it didn’t require much messing with besides dehazing it a bit.

I also liked how the trail to get up there was all beat up (and slippery).

beaten tral - North Austin

After my trip to the bridge, I went to Mt Bonnell (lol, highest point in Austin) just to check out the area since I’ve never been there before. And to commemorate the moment, I took this picture of downtown Austin in the horizon 😛 (damn you weather).


Jokes aside, I’ll have to revisit the bridge and Mt Bonnell again once the weather clears up.


Random Photography: Pennybacker Bridge, Austin TX


It took me a while, but I found a pair of City Turbo’s at my local Target.

I couldn’t just leave it alone. So i painted the headlights and taillights of the car.

Also, after some digging around my collection, I found the Honda Odyssey that has the same design as the City Turbo, they look so nice together 😀 .


(Even though the scale is off by a bit 😛 )

Honda City Turbo II

WRX and GTR 2.jpg

Got myself a new camera and retired the old T3i. My new setup (so far) is the Sony A6000 mirrorless camera, paired with the stock 16-50 mm lens.

WRX and GTR 1.jpg

So far I’m liking this camera a lot. A lot more portable than my old T3i. I have been playing a lot with it lately so expect (hopefully 😛 ) some more picture’s here soon.

WRX and GTR 3.jpg

Thanks 😀

Macro: Nissan Skyline and Subaru STi


Some shrooms

I honestly have no clue what type of mushrooms these are, but they came out nicely in the pictures.

I took this picture in Colorado Springs, Colorado when I took my vacations there earlier this year (beautiful place by the way).

I took this picture with a Canon T3i paired with a Sigma 17-70mm lens that I borrowed from a friend.

Random Nature Photography

Macro: Nissan Skyline GT-R

It took me a while to find this one, I had to literally travel to Colorado Springs in order to find a pair of this cast (sorry local collectors).



From the 2017 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line (Case C).

(To clarify, I didn’t go to Colorado Springs just to find these, I was on vacation over there and found them in a Barnes and Noble).